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The following are unique up-cycled pieces. Contact us right away if something catches your eye as they are all one-off and could already be sold. Custom made pieces done by request.

*For promotional purposes images may appear even after they are sold.   


The following pieces are all unique and made from recycled materials and products. I have personally sought and selected everything which was discarded. I saved each product or material and gave it a new product life by rejuvenating it, modifying it, or in some cases, using it to create something entirely new.

After all, we currently live in a world that needs to consider sustainable living. 


With a background in Industrial design and a genuine interest in vintage and rustic items, it seemed only natural to create a body of work that is aesthetically pleasing and current, whilst reducing waste.  

A lot of my photographs capture the beauty of nature. I have always loved the outdoors and being in nature. I often take trips out of the busy suburbs of Sydney and to the quiet country to recharge and re-balance.


My vision is to select a material that has a connection with the image subject. The nature images are mounted on wood as a way of giving back to nature. I have also mounted photographs on other materials such as steel and ceramic. 



All pieces are unique and hand made by Phillip Philippou.


Custom photo mounts also available with a photograph of your choice. 

Any of the images on this site can be printed and mounted to create your own unique photographic piece. 



Contact us for any enquiries.

Free delivery to Sydney customers. Interstate and International customers will incur an additional postage and handling fee. 


'Fallen Tree' Pallet
'Fast Wave' Rustic Gate
'Cheeky Roo' Window Sash
'Zenith Beach' Log Frame
'Cow Audience' Window Sash
'Box Beach' Rustic Frame
'Rainbow Crow' Window Sash
'Zenith Beach' Pallet
Kangaroo Wine Barrel
'Sygna' I Beam
'Resting Cow' Fence Frame
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